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Contact information

Helse Vest IKT has offices all over Western Norway. This is how you can reach us.

Postal address: Helse Vest IKT AS, Inndalsveien 12, 5052 Bergen
Visitor address: Bjørnsons gate 29, 5052 Bergen

Getting to our main office in Bergen

The main office of Helse Vest IKT is conveniently located at Kronstad, right where the two lines of Bergen's light rail service meet.

Location on Google maps: Bjørnsons gate 29.

Light rail (Bybanen)

The light rail service is called Bybanen. Taking Bybanen is a good option both from Bergen Airport Flesland, or if you are coming from the city centre of Bergen. From the airport, it takes approximately 30 minutes to Kronstad. From the city centre it takes 10 minutes.

Ticket information for Bybanen.


The taxi ride from Bergen Airport Flesland takes approximately 20 minutes to Kronstad, depending on traffic. From the city centre, it takes about 5 minutes.

Other locations

Our main office is in Bjørnsons gate 29, 5052 Bergen, but we also have offices in Ibsens gate 104, 5052 Bergen.

Visitor address: Naustdalsvegen 5, 6800 Førde.

Delivery address: Helse Vest IKT AS c/o Helse Førde HF, Svanehaugvegen 2 6800 Førde

Visitor address: Øvregata 124, 5527 Haugesund

Delivery address: Haugesund Helse Vest IKT AS c/o Helse Fonna HF, Karmsundgt. 120, 5528 Haugesund

Visitor address: Innovation Park Stavanger, Bygg i3, 3rd floor, Professor Olav Hanssens vei 7B, 4021 Stavanger

Delivery address: Stavanger Helse Vest IKT AS Innovation Park Stavanger,
Bygg i3, 3rd floor, Professor Olav Hanssens vei 7B, 4021 Stavanger

Billing address

Electronic invoice (EHF) EHF: 9908:987601787 

Helse Vest IKT AS c/o Health Vest RHF 
The payroll and accounting centre PO Box 314
4068 Stavanger

Organisation number 

Org. no: 987 601 787

Last updated 4/24/2024