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About Helse Vest IKT

Contact information

Helse Vest IKT has offices all over Western Norway. This is how you can reach us

Post office and reception


Tel + 47 55 97 65 00

Postal address

Helse Vest IKT AS, 
Ibsens gate 104,
5052 Bergen


The customer center

Tel +47 55 97 65 40

The customer center provides user support and resolves software errors for employees in Helse Vest. We are open all days round the clock.

You can contact us by phone, e-mail or via Kundeweb to report errors, place orders and get answers to questions.

Visiting and delivery addresses

Postal address 
Helse Vest IKT AS
Ibsens gate 104
5052 Bergen

Visitor addresses

Ibsens gate 104
5052 Bergen
Find the office in Bergen

Naustdalsvegen 5 
6800 Førde
Find the office in Førde

Øvregaten 124
5527 Haugesund
Find the office in Haugesund

Stavanger Innovation Park Stavanger,
Bygg i3, 3rd floor
Professor Olav Hanssens vei 7B
4021 Stavanger
Find the office in Stavanger

Delivery addresses

Helse Vest IKT AS
c/o Health Førde HF
Svanehaugvegen 2 6800 Førde

Haugesund Helse Vest IKT AS
c/o Health Fonna HF
Karmsundgt 120 5528 Haugesund

Stavanger Helse Vest IKT AS Innovation Park Stavanger,
Bygg i3, 3rd floor.
Professor Olav Hanssens vei 7B,
4021 Stavanger

Billing address

Electronic invoice (EHF) EHF: 9908:987601787 
Information about EHF invoices.

Billing address
Helse Vest IKT AS c/o Health Vest RHF
The payroll and accounting centre PO Box 314
4068 Stavanger

Organisation number 

Org. no: 987 601 787 Contact the Payroll and Accounts Centre.

Last updated 5/30/2023