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One of our main tasks is to help our users with systems and resolve errors. As a user you can address your question or case to The Customer Service Center by phone, e-mail or at Kundeweb

Our customer consultants provide user support and solve software errors via phone and remote control, in addition to handle user accounts and prescriber registers.

When a new case is registered, it is addressed to the customer service center, regardless of which consultant will be assigned to the case.

Here you can report bugs, order software or get more storage on your computer, as well as getting access to different systems.


The Customer Service Center receive requests and questions by phone, email or through kundeweb. When a case is registered it is immediately assigned to the right person. If the Customer Service Center is not the right place to handle your case, the case is forwarded to another department in Helse Vest IKT.

You can read more about the Customer Service Center at their internal webpage. This website is only accessible for employees in Helse Vest.

Customer Service Center

Here you find information about courses and education in Helse Vest.


At Samplepunktet you can see all your requests. This is also the place to go if you have a new request, for example if you need a new password or more storage on your computer.


Are you a consultant that needs access to a system in Helse Vest IKT? We can give you a secure access to a terminal server. Helse Vest IKT can assist with innstalling software. To get VPN access to Helse Vest your company must be registered as a supplier at Helse Vest IKT, as well as applying for unique access for each person that needs access.

Form for company registration

Form for user registration

Confidentiality declaration form

Helse Vest IKT is in charge of making procurement of ICT systems and equipment for the hospitals in Helse Vest. Most of the procurements are made nationally through Sykehusinnkjøp HF.

Sykehusinnkjøp HFSykehusinnkjøp divisjon vest

Last updated 3/15/2017